Lohman Helicopter employs a fleet of helicopters, a JetProp Airplane, as well as nurse trucks and ground support.


• Passenger Seating 9 (Standard Category)
• Massive 11,200 pounds Max Gross Take Off Weight
• 1,800 Shaft Horse Power Engine
• BLR Strake and Fast Fin for Maximum Hot and High Performance
• Short Haul (HEC)
• Fire Suppression
• Construction, Gravel, Concrete, and more..
• Powerline Construction
• Precision Lifting: Anytime, Anywhere

PA-46T Piper JetProp

• 27,000′ Cruise
• Speed: 300+ mph
• Seating: 6 Place
• Engine: Pratt Whitney Turbine PT6-34
• Mission: Rapid Response for Crew/Parts Transport in Support of Helicopter Operations

MD600N — A dynamite package of safety, power, and low noise signature!

The MD 600N® is an eight-place, light, single-turbine engine helicopter that provides high performance and increased capacity to give the customer greater versatility. The MD600 is ideal for power line construction and maintenance. It flies faster, hovers higher, and provides the agility and exceptional handling for which the MD 500® series is known. With its advanced NOTAR® anti-torque system, the MD 600N® is a member of an exclusive class of the safest, quietest helicopters in the world. The low noise signature of the MD600N is ideal for urban and densely populated areas.

Number in Fleet: 2

Crew: 1
Capacity: 7 total
Length: 35 ft 5 in
Rotor diameter: 27 ft 6 in
Height: 8 ft 9 in
Empty weight: 2,100 lb
Max. takeoff weight: 4,500 lb
Powerplant: Allison Model 250-C47 Turboshaft, 808 hp w/ FADEC

Maximum speed: 152 knots (175 mph)
Cruise speed: 135 knots (155 mph)
Range: 300 mi
Service ceiling: 18,700 ft

Bell 407- High Altitude Lifter: Big Power, Big Performance!

The Bell 407 integrates reliability, speed, performance, and maneuverability with a cabin configurable for an array of missions and payloads. Its Rolls Royce 250-C47B turbine FADEC engine delivers exceptional hot & high performance with the ability to cruise at 140 knots (259 km/hr). The 407’s spacious cabin seats up to five passengers in wide-open club-passenger seating and can be reconfigured to accommodate any number of tasks and payloads.

For added passenger comfort, the Bell 407 also provides a very quiet and smooth ride in virtually all weather conditions. In addition to offering outstanding product features, the 407 is backed by Bell’s renowned in-service support, voted #1 by our customers for twenty years running. The Bell 407 is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance.


Length: 41 ft 8 in (12.7 m)
Rotor diameter: 35 ft 0 in (10.67 m)
Height: 11 ft 8 in (3.56 m)
Disc area: 962 ft² (89 m²)
Empty weight: 2,668 lb (1,210 kg)
Useful load: 2,347 lb (internal) (1,065 kg (internal))
Max. takeoff weight: 6,000 lb (2,722 kg)

Capacity: Typical seating configuration for seven comprising pilot and passengers, with five passengers in main cabin. Max hook capacity 1200 kg (2645 lb).

Powerplant: 1 × Allison 250-C47B turboshaft, 813 shp (606 kW) Performance

Maximum speed: 140 knots (161 mp/h, 260 km/h)
Cruise speed: 133 knots (152 mp/h, 246 km/h)
Range: 324 nmi (372 mi, 598 km)
Service ceiling: 18,690 ft (5,698 m)

Lohman Helicopter has Utility Navigation GPS installed in our helicopters. Whether it’s aerial applications, maps of completed spray projects, surveying game or weed inventory, the AG-NAV GPS system gives us the advantage and assistance in providing the most accurate aerial application possible for our customers.
The AG-NAV® Guía is a DGPS Navigation system designed to meet and exceed specific requirements for guidance in Aerial applications. It provides the operator with the latest computer technology and GPS navigation.


We employ a small fleet of “Nurse Trucks” to support all helicopter operations, keeping productivity at maximum potential.

We keep water, chemical, fuel and other valuable equipment on location.

Safe environmental practice is one of our top priorities on any job, large or small. Our trucks are equipped with petroleum & pesticide clean-up kits, dry-break (zero-drip) connections on all chemical and fuel-fill hoses.

The safety of our crew is another of our top priorities. Our fleet is equipped with fire-extinguishers and medical aid kits.

Ground Support – Over 1,000g Jet A capacity and nearly 6,000 gallons of water- this nurse truck can keep a helicopter going all day long.