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Agricultural & Fruit Orchard Crop Dusting & Spraying

  • Lohman Helicopter provides a large variety of aerial applications services for agriculture, apple/cherry/fruit orchard, forestry, rangeland, and even aquatic environments.  We have liquid spray systems and buckets that we can disperse, granular herbicides, fertilizers and seed. We are licensed in:

    - Arizona  
    - Idaho
    - Montana
    - Nevada
    - New Mexico
    - Oregon
    - Utah
    - Washington
    - Wyoming

    Lohman Helicopter flies for many private, county, state and federal customers.  Our fleet of helicopters and support vehicles allows us to quickly mobilize and complete any project.

    Whether it's a smaller job for our type III helicopters or a larger job for our medium lift, type II helicopter  “The Huey”  we will quickly, safely and economically meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

Forest Management

  • Lohman Helicopter can perform many forest management needs:
  • Timber Surveys
  • Aerial Ignition
  • Aerial Herbicide / Vegetation Control

Aerial Fertilizing & Seeding

  • Lohman Helicopter has 3 buckets with capacities ranging from 25 cubic feet to 45 cubic feet.  We have the ability to dispense seed and herbicides at rates as low as 1/4 pound per acre and have flow rates as high as twenty-five pounds per acre.

    Whether your need is seeding, fertilizing or herbicides, we can do it! After an area has been seeded we can also drop straw allowing best opportunity for seed germination and minimizing erosion.

Cherry Drying & Frost Protection

  • Cherry drying and frost protection contracts are based on a first-come, first-serve basis and helicopter availability. Our pilots can fly helicopters at night in your orchard to save your crop from unexpected deep freezes.

    Lohman helicopter can provide “Exclusive Use” contracts or we offer “Call When Needed” contracts to protect your orchards and farms. 

    During cherry drying season we have four helicopters available for dispatch.  Bell Jet Ranger 206 BIII, Long Ranger 206 L3, Bell UH1 Huey, Eurocopter Alouette II 318C, and a Robinson R44, Raven II. 

Seismic Exploration

  • Lohman Helicopter provides a turbine helicopter with GPS for bag running and tracking.  We also will provide ground crew and support equipment for seismic operations.

Fire Fighting

  • Our helicopters can be quickly outfitted with equipment needed to assist firefighting either through water buckets or other types of flame retardants.

Animal Survey, Capture, (ACETA)

  • Our helicopters, carded pilots and crew can perform ACETA (Aerial Capture, Eradication, and Tagging of Animals). Anywhere in the lower 48 we can provide safe, skilled crews to meet your needs.

Aerial Film/Movies

  • Our pilots can navigate the rigged terrains of Hells canyon and the surrounding areas precisely and safely. We are able to show film crews hundreds of specific spots at astonishing speeds and altitudes.

Aerial Photo and Sightseeing

  • Operating under FAA approved Part 91. Our skilled pilots can safely take groups up to 6 in our modern Bell Long Rangers throughout the LC Valley, Palouse, Hells Canyon and all over the surrounding areas. The sights are breathtaking and the cost is very reasonable. Please contact us to arrange your custom sightseeing tour.

Cellular Sites and Towers

  • Need to build cellular site or antenna in inaccessible terrain ? That task can be impossible without a helicopter to serve as an aerial crane!

    The pilots at Lohman Helicopters can fly in excavation equipment, haul cement, any construction supplies need, and set the towers or antennas.

Powerline Construction and Support

  • With experience in many aspects of power line construction for power line subcontractors and power companies, the crew at Lohman helicopter can help with:

  • Pulling Sockline
  • Building Towers
  • Installing Insulators
  • Moving Foundation Drills for Micropile Foundations
  • Setting Poles and
  • Moving Equipment

We are also available to perform aerial survey and patrols of powerlines, for preventative maintenance and emergencies flights to locate the source of problems during outages.

Precision Lift External Load

  • If you need materials flow to remote locations, on top of buildings or air conditioners set on top of a high rise in town we can do it. Please contact us for helicopter rates, and lift capabilities of our helicopters.

Aircraft Maintenance

  • We offer full-service helicopter and airplane maintenance.

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